Welcome to Alicon Network

Alicon Network (AN) is one of the leading Nationwide ISP in Bangladesh. Alicon Network providing best quality Bandwidth in all over the country with prosper and goodwill. There are 37 District and 250 Upozila in our Coverage area. We have GGC server, Facebook server and much more useful content with Bangladesh Largest FTP server with huge content including IP Tv for customer satisfaction. Our highly qualified experience and hardworking largest support team working for marvelous support and showing their dedication to work. So you are also invited to our Alicon family to be the honorable and pioneer client of Alicon Network. Alicon Network (AN) over the last decade has consistently provided its customers with state of the art IT communication solutions. Our clients have been able to rely on our ability to provide stable and consistent connectivity solutions. Using the state of the art backbone and infrastructure, we have ensured that our clients have had minimal worry when it comes to dependability of their IT Communication. That in turn has ensured us an enviable list of blue-chip customers. When Internet and related value added services are critical input to business, Corporate Bangladesh has but only one obvious choice- Alicon Network. Alicon Network (AN) employs more than 200 employees with diverse skill sets and expertise. Through years of experience (AN) is able to accurately assess constantly changing customer requirements, offering the most extensive and affordable IT services available. Alicon Network (AN) places due importance on quickly adopting new technology by investing 40% of its budget for R&D. The company also strives to maintain international standard products and services. The Alicon Network (AN) has diversified investment in ICT & Multi Business Lifestyle sectors in Bangladesh. Alicon Network (AN) starting in 2013.This group presently has over 200 employees.